About Nusa Dua Restaurant

Nusa Dua is an Indonesian Restaurant located in Soho, the heart of Theatreland London. We are a restaurant that caters to an attractive clientele extending from Londoners, foreign businesses to outgoing socialites, students and tourists, offering customers a unique and authentic taste of Indonesian cuisine.
We offer a tranquil dining location, alongside with a karaoke bar and a delightful décor as a perfect choice for birthdays or other celebrations. Our cuisine draws influences from the Far East. With the spices imported directly from Indonesia, all food is locally sourced, fresh and created on the premises to ensure your gastronomic satisfaction.

Expect the most popular sweet and spicy dishes from Indonesia, cooked and served just the way they are back home.Diners can Begin the feast with one of the exemplary appetizers, such as the sate ayam (chicken skewers). Made with tender cuts of chicken thigh and accompanied with peanut sauce.
Enjoy the appetizing Gado Gado, an assortment of vegetables paired with a peanut sauce and the heart-warming Soto Lamongan, a rich with chicken soup with glass noodles and egg.

For the main courses, we cater to tastes and preferences, from extra hot dishes to mild spices or enjoy vegetarian options. Some very popular dish such as the famous beef rending, a traditional beef dish slow cooked in coconut milk and spices, the irresistible Bebek Panggang, grilled duck garnished with soy sauce and lime leaves, or the staple Indonesian cuisine Nasi Goreng, fried rice with a range of aromatic seasonings and toppings. Most importantly, all food is halal.
There are also some heavenly desserts also available for diners to indulge in a rich dining experience with Nusa Dua. Enjoy your meal - Selamat Makan!

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
12:00 - 23:30

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